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Boulder Nonlinear Systems

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Boulder Nonlinear Systems

Boulder Nonlinear Systems  

美国BNS公司(Boulder Nonlinear Systems, Inc.)
BNS公司(Boulder Nonlinear Systems, Inc.)生产销售适用于各种光电应用的液晶空间光调制器,能够根据指定的像素图案对光在空间的分布进行调制,在需要pixel-by-pixel光束控制以优化产品性能的应用领域正扮演着越来越重要的角色。BNS公司能够提供基于LCoS(liquid crystal on silicon)技术的各种反射式空间光调制器,包括纯相位调制,纯振幅调制,及振幅相位混合调制。其XY(512X512)面阵及linear(1X4096)线阵空间光调制器被广泛应用于激光光束偏转与可编程相位掩模等热点领域。 BNS公司的空间光调制器具有相位或振幅调制速率高、透过效率高、图形软件操作界面友好等特点。

Boulder Nonlinear Systems

Boulder Nonlinear Systems, Inc. designs, manufactures and sells liquid crystal based photonics devices and systems. The company is experienced in developing components based on the highest performance ferroelectric and nematic liquid crystals.

A Colorado company specializing in opto-electronic devices based upon advanced liquid crystal technology BNS builds unique analog liquid crystal on silicon modulators used in applications ranging from holographic storage to microscopic cell manipulation. The company's advanced liquid crystal technology is used in telecommunications, medical instruments, defense, and manufacturing.

The company was founded in 1988 by Steve Serati. With a background in electrical engineering and liquid crystal optics, he began by building optical processors and phased array beamsteerers for LIDAR applications. The company gained a reputation for innovative research and development in optical systems. Over the years, the projects have grown in optical processing and leading edge optical components. Today, companies from all over the world call on BNS’s decades of experience in liquid crystal design and manufacturing. Its customer base, including fortune 100 companies, purchases devices built in state of the art clean room facilities located in Lafayette, Colorado.

The BNS corporate mission is to advance the state of the art in liquid crystal device theory, design and fabrication and translate this advanced technology into quality products for a variety of commercial and industrial applications.

The BNS signature product is its family of analog liquid crystal on silicon (LCOS) spatial light modulators. These devices are used to modulate a beam of incident light in order to add information to it, or to shape, correct, or steer it. A unique feature of the BNS LCOS devices is their analog mode of operation. Most such modulators are binary devices which have an on and an off state. The BNS analog devices offer analog modulation that permits up to 256 optical states of the device. This analog operation allows a superior ability to control the beam of light. BNS spatial light modulators offer very high frame rate operation including refresh rates as high as 18-Khz. Although these rates are much higher than necessary for human interaction, they allow machine vision rates of operation never before available.

The analog operation also allows construction of liquid crystal devices for applications that have never before existed. The company’s award winning non-mechanical beam steering device can control the reflected angle of a beam of light under computer control. This has opened exciting new frontiers in optical storage and telecommunications.

Component Product Family
The company offers its Spatial Light Modulator systems in resolutions of 256x256, and 512x512. It also offers a beam steering system based upon its 1x4096 linear array device. BNS also offers Liquid Crystal on Glass (LCOG) devices for a variety of applications. These devices include tunable filters, optical shutters, variable retarders, and polarization rotators.

Application Areas
The BNS customer base uses our products in demanding applications from many industrial disciplines. Our customers’ applications include telecommunications, medical components, volumetric display, data storage, research, and defense.

Manufacturing Facilities
Our liquid crystal devices are constructed in our state of the art manufacturing facility in Lafayette, Colorado. Our advanced Class 10 clean room allows us to maintain the most demanding standards necessary for producing high-quality optical components.